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Many Ways to Reach Out


Though I just started this blog very, very early this morning, I was told I need to “expand” my market and “reach out” to more people.  Being me, I took right to it. I’ve always loved networking group gatherings: meeting new people, exchanging sweaty handshakes, all in the comfort of a room with a very weird mingling of scents. No doubt, having a contact or two in just about every field can be a wonderful addition to your repertoire.

So, since I can’t meet you in person and shake your hand (HA!), and I like to make people happy, I’m sharing “expansion” and “reaching out” in my way: a list of websites for you — all in one spot.

Pinterest:  I absolutely LOVE the idea of the online cork board.  So does my husband…saves him from PILES of paper!  www.pinterest.com/wellwithjenn
Instagram: Hello?! Facebook for pictures, right? Love it and its super ease of use. www.instagram.com/wellwithjenn
Facebook: Yep, I’ve got that, too. www.facebook.com/wellwithjenn

Remember: I was told that today. This morning. So when you visit me on Instagram, there are only a few pictures and followers. Your support and encouragement keep me motivated to keep on keeping on! I look forward to meeting you!

OH…and be sure to leave me a comment with some way to “meet” you, too!

Be well and make it a great day!

Author: Jenn

I'm a CHNC (Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant) simply sharing what I know and learn along the way. I work closely with my clients helping them attain their goals, conquer their struggles, and become the best they can be one day at a time.  This blog, and anything therein, is not to constitute as any type of medical advice or cure to any ailment -- always check with your doctor or practitioner before trying something new; study up before taking anyone's advice.  Read at your own risk.  Practice at your own risk. Your health is in your hands. With that said, I love living on purpose! My clients love going over their goals with me and consider me their 'lifestyle coach' since the holistic protocols I teach blend into each part of their lives. I'd love to opportunity to help you, too! I'm currently accepting new clientele. Email me at wellwithjenn@yahoo.com to get started!

3 thoughts on “Many Ways to Reach Out

  1. I’ll check it out soon!


  2. Hi Jenn, I am also new to the blogging world but I love to write so I thought…why not try! I like your blog so far…mine is about to be a health and weight loss journal with other weird and crazy stuff thrown in. So come visit if you’d like 🙂 Talk to you soon!!


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