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The Salt Crave


I’m elated to be “opening the doors” of my blog and begin with fan’s ideas and suggestions from my Facebook page, Well With Jenn.  We’ll just call this a mini-series. Our first round is about CRAVINGS.

I look forward to the future of your ideas, thoughts, and creativity!  {Please be mindful in your speech — young eyes peer upon, and ears hear, your every word}

What is that nagging feeling inside? You walk into the kitchen, open the pantry…nothing. You open the fridge…ah, there’s something! But you have no idea what you’re really looking for! Sounds like you might have a hungry belly — or something worse — a craving.

Food cravings can drive… you… CRAZY!

If you’re anything like me, when you get a craving for something, you go satisfy it; however, as soon as it is fulfilled, you find yourself craving more or — even more unfavorable — something different. Ugh!

Before you know it, crumbs are running down your bedclothes and you are left feeling terrible, standing in darkness before the incriminating light from the fridge. The following is an example of monologue that takes place in my head: “It’s so late! I already ate dinner! Why is this happening? Why can’t my stomach just be content?” In more ways than one, it may be the body communicating that it isn’t getting enough of what it needs.


Our first to deal with is what I call THE SALT CRAVE.

Our body needs salt. Believe it or not, it improves our brain operations, lowers our stress levels and, consumed properly, steadies our electrolytes.  Along the line of needs, our body needs proper rest and hydration.  So, without further adieu…

Here’s what The Salt Crave might be trying to say:

“I am crazy-tired!”
Serioulsy. Do you ever get enough rest? Does your body relax in a way that makes you say “Ahhh…” and fall into a peaceful sleep? I didn’t think so, and neither do I. Not unless I’ve had a glass or two of wine — but that’s not the way to do it.

So, we have these things called “adrenal glands”. Adrenal glands, more specifically, the “Adrenal cortex—the outer part of the gland—produces hormones that are vital to life, such as cortisol (which helps regulate metabolism and helps your body respond to stress) and aldosterone (which helps control blood pressure)” (Sargis, 2014).  Find out more about adrenal glands at the Adrenal Gland Overview written by Dr. Robert Sargis.  Plainly said, the correct portion of salt can lower your stress, helping your metabolism to run smoothly (which, in fact, allows the body to burn fat).

Or, perhaps it is saying:

“Man, I’m thirsty!”
Your body is more than likely dehydrated. Truly, you want to be drinking about half of your body weight in purified water (higher levels of electrolytes). Now, think here. What do our liquid beverages get measured in? You got it — ounces. So, for someone who weighs 150 pounds, that would be 75 ounces of water. Easier to do than you think, unless you despise water. If that’s the case, try some bubbly (no, not champagne!). A glass or two of mineral water (spritzed with lemon or lime for taste) could be profitable for you! It contains minerals that are needed to balance our electrolytes.


A Couple Ideas to Get Past The Salt Crave

Check your fluid intake.
Have you really had enough water to drink today? If not, make yourself a neat herbal tea and wait another twenty minutes before charging the chips! If so, perhaps you do need something more to eat (try celery – it has sodium and other beneficial minerals).

Pay attention to the sodium source you use on your foods.
What kind of salt do you use? Personally, I use Unrefined Sea Salt and Himalayan Sea Salt. I’ve read an article on the different salts and learned that drinking a sole (pronounced, SOLAY) has tons of great benefits. You can research more for yourself at Dr. Sircus’ page.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s in the most healthy way possible. Your health really is up to you.

Be well and make it a great day!

I do not endorse or receive money for the links included. They are simply where I found my information for the topic. Enjoy researching!


Author: Jenn

I'm a CHNC (Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant) simply sharing what I know and learn along the way. I work closely with my clients helping them attain their goals, conquer their struggles, and become the best they can be one day at a time.  This blog, and anything therein, is not to constitute as any type of medical advice or cure to any ailment -- always check with your doctor or practitioner before trying something new; study up before taking anyone's advice.  Read at your own risk.  Practice at your own risk. Your health is in your hands. With that said, I love living on purpose! My clients love going over their goals with me and consider me their 'lifestyle coach' since the holistic protocols I teach blend into each part of their lives. I'd love to opportunity to help you, too! I'm currently accepting new clientele. Email me at wellwithjenn@yahoo.com to get started!

2 thoughts on “The Salt Crave

  1. Love it! I have terrible salt cravings!! Normally I’ll try drinking a bunch of water to help get me over it. Now I just need a get-past-the-cheeseburger-craving trick haha!!


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