Well With Jenn

Make it a great day with health & wellness tips, ideas, and recipes to encourage and motivate you to better health!


Central Texas Area

Bio: I'm a CHNC (Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant) simply sharing what I know and learn along the way. I work closely with my clients helping them attain their goals, conquer their struggles, and become the best they can be one day at a time.  This blog, and anything therein, is not to constitute as any type of medical advice or cure to any ailment -- always check with your doctor or practitioner before trying something new; study up before taking anyone's advice.  Read at your own risk.  Practice at your own risk. Your health is in your hands. With that said, I love living on purpose! My clients love going over their goals with me and consider me their 'lifestyle coach' since the holistic protocols I teach blend into each part of their lives. I'd love to opportunity to help you, too! I'm currently accepting new clientele. Email me at wellwithjenn@yahoo.com to get started!

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