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The Dream of Serving Others

What do you dream about?  What is it you would like to do really?  For me, it’s having a bed and breakfast to serve up smiles, listen to & learn people’s stories, and offer necessary rest and relaxation.
Tell me what you dream of for your future. I’d love to hear from you!

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Day Four of Starting Fresh: The Detox Diet (Haas, 2012) Cleanse

Today was Day Four of my cleanse. How did it go for you? For me, well…I’m Guilty!…but it wasn’t so bad.

All day I had high energy, great amounts of focus (I got tons accomplished!), and smiled like I had never smiled before!

Then, I received a phone call about my car FINALLY being fixed and ready to take home, after being at the dealership for TWENTY-SIX LOOOOONG days.
You have to understand: I really enjoy my car. The moon roof, the butt-warmer, the surround sound…well, what’s a girl to do but get excited!

So I drove the loaner car home (for the last time!) and picked up my husband. We went and picked up my car, drove back home to pick up the kids, and headed out to homegroup. Homegroup started at 5p, so we had to make it quick.

In a large bowl, I threw together a salad that consisted of organic hearts of romaine, green bell pepper, cucumber, and carrots. I used 3T of this fantastic Caeser dressing (found at HEB), dropped it on, put the lid on and shook the junk outta the bowl. I had to make sure I covered every ingredient piece with the dressing! It’s seriously THAT good. *YUM*

At the host’s house, they had set up homemade yeast rolls, pulled pork (I took my own shredded chicken), and cornbread casserole. Oh. My. Goodness. What’s not to love about homemade rolls, barbecue sauce, and cornbread casserole?! Absolutely NOTHING. I only wish I had taken a picture.

So to celebrate the return of my car, I indulged in a roll and a SLIVER of cornbread casserole. Other than that, I topped the roll with my shredded chicken and barbecue sauce and had some Caeser salad. It was totally yummy.

Now even though I had a delicious homemade yeast roll and chicken, I managed to preserve my hard work. And I celebrated having my car back.

Tomorrow I’ll pick up where I left off and continue on with Day Five. I won’t let anything get me down.

How did YOU do today? What struggles did you find yourself having this week? Tell me about it!

Be well and make it a great day!

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Day Three of Starting Fresh: The Detox Diet (Haas, 2012) Cleanse

Day THREEEEEE!!! WEEEEEEEE!!! Wow, have I had a great day! Energy, smiles, and no hunger pangs! I didn’t have to try and NOT eat every delicious thing I saw or smelled.suppress-appetite<<~~~~~Therefore, I didn't look like this. *Smile*

Now, the big change that did happen today is this: I had fresh veggies vs. the guideline steamed veggies. Do you know what happens after you've been eating foods that are great for you and mild to digest and then eat fresh veggies that can wreak havoc on your system?

Yes, you do.

You end up in the quiet place where you get to finally read your favorite magazine (or play Words With Friends…).

Yep. The bathroom.

My tummy was quite upset with me, and it let me know. When it was all over with (in all fairness, it only lasted about 10 minutes!), I went to the living room and did a 25 minute cardio workout. Talk about high energy!

This detox has been so great for me on many, MANY levels. All I can hope is for you to be experiencing the same results, if not better!!!

Ready for Day 4? You up for more? I think we can do this. I KNOW we can do this!

Be well and make it a great day!

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Day Two of Starting Fresh: The Detox Diet (Haas, 2012) Cleanse

Okay. Yesterday was absolutely. terrible.

By the time I clocked out of work I was in tears with a migraine that lasted into the wee morning hours of the today. I had the lingering headache that follows, but made sure to add in a little protein at my evening meal — that REALLY helped take the rest of the headache away.

headache-remedyNow, that’s what I should have done. *Ha ha*

Now that I’m done with Day One and Two, I can’t wait to tackle Day Three!!! Not too sure if I’m going to do this for Seven Days, but three will be FANTASTIC!

How are YOU doing? Let me know! I love your feedback!

Be well and make it a great day!

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Starting Fresh: Detox Diet (Haas, 2012) Cleanse


If you haven’t read this book, I’d suggest picking it up right away! It could mean the difference between living and REALLY living! With so much arguing going on about food, detoxing, cleansing, and every other “health” topic out there, The Detox Diet (Haas, 2012) really helps to spell things out in easy-to-understand language (good thing…ha!) and gives you the know-how to approach a healthier lifestyle. You just have to decide to do it.

With that said, tomorrow, Monday, January 12th will be DAY ONE of seven for me to begin a great cleanse to get me off the “SNACCs” (The point of our detoxifying cleanse is to help us overcome our addiction to SNACCs (Haas, 2012)).

“Jenn…what in the world are SNACCs???” you ask.
Well, simply put, SNACCs are: Sugar, Nicotine, Alcohol, Caffeine, and Chemicals.

sugarcocaine (Thank you, LifeWithTheGirlNextDoor!)

Hard to believe, I know. Truth is never pretty, but it sure does free you!

Want to try this with me? Message me for more information at wellwithjenn@yahoo.com — I look forward to hearing from you and helping you become a better you, one day at a time.

Be well and make it a great day!


Many Ways to Reach Out

Though I just started this blog very, very early this morning, I was told I need to “expand” my market and “reach out” to more people.  Being me, I took right to it. I’ve always loved networking group gatherings: meeting new people, exchanging sweaty handshakes, all in the comfort of a room with a very weird mingling of scents. No doubt, having a contact or two in just about every field can be a wonderful addition to your repertoire.

So, since I can’t meet you in person and shake your hand (HA!), and I like to make people happy, I’m sharing “expansion” and “reaching out” in my way: a list of websites for you — all in one spot.

Pinterest:  I absolutely LOVE the idea of the online cork board.  So does my husband…saves him from PILES of paper!  www.pinterest.com/wellwithjenn
Instagram: Hello?! Facebook for pictures, right? Love it and its super ease of use. www.instagram.com/wellwithjenn
Facebook: Yep, I’ve got that, too. www.facebook.com/wellwithjenn

Remember: I was told that today. This morning. So when you visit me on Instagram, there are only a few pictures and followers. Your support and encouragement keep me motivated to keep on keeping on! I look forward to meeting you!

OH…and be sure to leave me a comment with some way to “meet” you, too!

Be well and make it a great day!



The Salt Crave

I’m elated to be “opening the doors” of my blog and begin with fan’s ideas and suggestions from my Facebook page, Well With Jenn.  We’ll just call this a mini-series. Our first round is about CRAVINGS.

I look forward to the future of your ideas, thoughts, and creativity!  {Please be mindful in your speech — young eyes peer upon, and ears hear, your every word}

What is that nagging feeling inside? You walk into the kitchen, open the pantry…nothing. You open the fridge…ah, there’s something! But you have no idea what you’re really looking for! Sounds like you might have a hungry belly — or something worse — a craving.

Food cravings can drive… you… CRAZY!

If you’re anything like me, when you get a craving for something, you go satisfy it; however, as soon as it is fulfilled, you find yourself craving more or — even more unfavorable — something different. Ugh!

Before you know it, crumbs are running down your bedclothes and you are left feeling terrible, standing in darkness before the incriminating light from the fridge. The following is an example of monologue that takes place in my head: “It’s so late! I already ate dinner! Why is this happening? Why can’t my stomach just be content?” In more ways than one, it may be the body communicating that it isn’t getting enough of what it needs.


Our first to deal with is what I call THE SALT CRAVE.

Our body needs salt. Believe it or not, it improves our brain operations, lowers our stress levels and, consumed properly, steadies our electrolytes.  Along the line of needs, our body needs proper rest and hydration.  So, without further adieu…

Here’s what The Salt Crave might be trying to say:

“I am crazy-tired!”
Serioulsy. Do you ever get enough rest? Does your body relax in a way that makes you say “Ahhh…” and fall into a peaceful sleep? I didn’t think so, and neither do I. Not unless I’ve had a glass or two of wine — but that’s not the way to do it.

So, we have these things called “adrenal glands”. Adrenal glands, more specifically, the “Adrenal cortex—the outer part of the gland—produces hormones that are vital to life, such as cortisol (which helps regulate metabolism and helps your body respond to stress) and aldosterone (which helps control blood pressure)” (Sargis, 2014).  Find out more about adrenal glands at the Adrenal Gland Overview written by Dr. Robert Sargis.  Plainly said, the correct portion of salt can lower your stress, helping your metabolism to run smoothly (which, in fact, allows the body to burn fat).

Or, perhaps it is saying:

“Man, I’m thirsty!”
Your body is more than likely dehydrated. Truly, you want to be drinking about half of your body weight in purified water (higher levels of electrolytes). Now, think here. What do our liquid beverages get measured in? You got it — ounces. So, for someone who weighs 150 pounds, that would be 75 ounces of water. Easier to do than you think, unless you despise water. If that’s the case, try some bubbly (no, not champagne!). A glass or two of mineral water (spritzed with lemon or lime for taste) could be profitable for you! It contains minerals that are needed to balance our electrolytes.


A Couple Ideas to Get Past The Salt Crave

Check your fluid intake.
Have you really had enough water to drink today? If not, make yourself a neat herbal tea and wait another twenty minutes before charging the chips! If so, perhaps you do need something more to eat (try celery – it has sodium and other beneficial minerals).

Pay attention to the sodium source you use on your foods.
What kind of salt do you use? Personally, I use Unrefined Sea Salt and Himalayan Sea Salt. I’ve read an article on the different salts and learned that drinking a sole (pronounced, SOLAY) has tons of great benefits. You can research more for yourself at Dr. Sircus’ page.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s in the most healthy way possible. Your health really is up to you.

Be well and make it a great day!

I do not endorse or receive money for the links included. They are simply where I found my information for the topic. Enjoy researching!